Best Barbers in Paris - 2024 - Paris Shortlist (2024)

Looking for a haircut or trim while in Paris? We’ve identified the best barbers in Paris for the modern gent by focusing on barbers that satisfy all kinds of styles and hair needs for men. While barbers in Paris aren’t super cheap, we only recommend good value barbers who do quality work and are consistently top rated hence why only six made our shortlist.

Each offers a pleasant atmosphere, expert service, and affordable prices. While prices vary across Paris, here is a rough guide around what you can expect for the most common cut types:

Haircut + Styling: The price range is from €32 to €43.

Beard Trimming: The prices start from €22 and can go up to €40.

Haircut + Styling + Skin Treatment: The price mentioned is €65.

Trim or Clipper Cut: Prices range from €29 to €33.


La Cle du Barbier is a cool, no nonsense barbershop. They’re not trying to be cool, they simply are in their element. With 3 locations across Paris you are never far away from one. We like the one in Les Halles near Chatelet metro and their barbershop near the Jardin des Plantes in the Southwest of Paris. A haircut + styling costs 42 euros and they also do all kinds of beard trimming starting at 37.

Cle du Barbier website


With three locations in Paris, Grizzly is a cool and yet down to earth barbershop. They also have reasonable prices: a scissor haircut with shampoo and conditioner costs 37 euros while a clipper cut costs just 29. They also offer a discount for kids: 25 euros.

Like well trained assassins, these guys can do just about any style with expert precision. We love that they offer combos like father and son cuts.

Grizzly Barbershop website (in French)


There are 4 Garcons Barbiers (Boys Barbers) in Paris: Chatelet Les Halles, Republique, Champs-Elysees, and Pantheon . These guys have been scoring points as one of most popular barbershops because of their no nonsense attitude and attention to detail. They’re up to speed with latest men’s fashion and are also flexible enough to do all sorts of custom cuts. Yes not cheap, but within reach and you will get what you want as they do spend the time. A haircut with styling costs 32 euros (37 with shampoo), while a full beard trim is 22 euros. They also offer subscriptions.

Les Garcons Barbiers website (in French)


La Barbiere is an award-winning, premium barbershop chain with seven barbershops around Paris. They have opened shop in several iconic venues across Paris such as Hackett, the British men’s clothing store and the posh Hotel Crillon (our favourite location). While the new ones are more traditional, their original are retro-modern 60’s and feels more like you’re in a bond film set. They offer beard trims and hair cuts as well as other treatments like waxing, manicures, and hair dying. Prices vary a tad by location but cost around 45 euros for a full service haircut including shampoo and styling.

La Barbiere de Paris website


Gentleman 1919 is our favourite all round spot for men. Besides having a speakeasy with a fumoir (cigar room) in the back, they are an excellent barber. Plush chairs and experienced barbers means you will be in good hands. You can sip an old fashioned at the back while you wait or puff on a lovely Cuban afterwards so plan to stay for more than just a cut. A simple haircut with styling costs 43 euros, facial mask for 25. Beard trim with scissors costs 27.

They now are open as a bar (not just a cigar lounge). We hope they will soon offer a cigar+ haircut combo. Fingers crossed!

Official Gentleman 1919 website (in French)


From plush barber chairs to the quality products, Le Bon Barbier (the good barber) is a class act. Founded by Moroccan-born maestro, Khalid, it lives up to old world excellence and won’t disappoint even the most discerning gent.

A shampoo and cut costs 40 euros, a beard trim with skin treatment costs 45 which is clearly a great deal. They’re located near between Bastille and Ile Saint Louis so very central.

Le Bon Barbier website

7) VBS

Located in the 10th near Poissoniere and in the 2nd, this barbershop-cum-hipster clothing shop is a bastion of manly hipsterdom. These guys know how to cut hair plus make you look cool with choice threads. A simply beard trim costs 20 euros,30 with skin treatment. A simple cut and styling is You can also just go for a traditional shave with hot towel or massage for 40 euros. Great deal!

VBS website (in Franglais)

Now that you’ve sorted your hair and/or beard , why not work on your physique by hitting the gym or booking a boxing or spinning class?

Or how about some cool threads (casual menswear)? And if you’re looking for formal or semi-formal men’s clothing than we have you covered as well!

Finally, if you’re looking for a good deal, you can purchase the Paris City Card which includes a cruise along the seine via Bateaux Parisiens, Louvre museum access plus access to the Eiffel Tower and an audio guide (app). And if you have a kids or just looking for something a bit more relaxed, the Paris Family Fun Pass, which includes access to the Paris Zoo (world class and not to be missed!), Gallerie D’Evolution at the Natural History Museum (skip the line) and the Grevin Wax museum. Click below for more details!

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Best Barbers in Paris - 2024 - Paris Shortlist (2024)
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