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Washington, District of Columbia

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4 Vol XXVIII oct fat ALLIGATOR LINE OR MOBILE ALABAMA oct 7 DYER' London by Gran ARNHAM 1 UJTRS HILL informs the Ladies iX cinity 4haf site tpen this day ABLE ALL MILLINERY CHIAP LAW BOOKS a valuable collection of La every rise as they be procured HOUR STARTING CHANGED STEAMBOAT LINE OR PHILADELPHIA 11 (vu auvutv ui Auiuiaiu niuovuua cutiu ni tun uii JUUU AWWaVVUa DUU MV UiWIC VUUUia CUIUI Ilia rM Vfinne I sept 4 LEWIS JOHNSON rg AHE YOUTH SHAKSPEAR by the authors! Sbskspeare and his riends ip 3 volumes this day pub lishad and for sale bjtWiM MORRJSON four dpors west of Brown's Hotel may 13 jtore 4 dpors eastqfih jOHN3(Nf hereby accordingly called at 12 1 1 RD SMITH Cashier attached thereto Inquire of oct 1 3t 'I1 STRAY Ct)W Estrayed from the commons near this city some seven or eight weeks since a small brindle milch cow a buffalo! without ny marks how recollected She tied around her neck a stout leather collar' with in yj name upon it in bratt tackt i it ia probable ahe may be found somewhere north of this city or in Montgomery county I will giv6 a suitable reward for her recovery or for such information taa may lead thereto 7 a qtl gs "i jJ 3t CALLAN A brick stable and earriaee honre for rent by i of Washington and its vi day Oct 12 her ASHION oct eo3ti fl EECHES LEECHES LEEIIES SAMUEL JL4 DEVAUGHAN Cupper Leecher Bleeder Ac1 Niuth street near avenue has just received a supply of resh Leeches which arc uf a very superior quality Physicians in the country can he supplied with such as can be relied on for their own use oct eo7t UPERIORMAIIOGAN PIANO PONTE Just3 received from Messrs Chickcring Mackays another ma hogany piano rle with harp pedal of superior tone and work inan6hip for sale st Hall oct 12 La LrCjonenno do A Life on the Ocean Wave Love is a Inner The Kost I Gave at Morn Steves eras cash pct 3t i i JUUANTEDs A house in the neighborhood of Washing ten furnished or unfurnished with a wacreji of Jod4 WASHINGTON: TUESDAY OCTOBER 20 1840 EW NOVEL by Ilotlinaii author of A Wiuterin the Weat Greyslaer a Romance ol the Mohawk 2 vols thia day received for sale by TAYLOR Also velumea 104 and I Op of amily Library contain ng Lifeaad Travels of Mungo Park and the Natural History' of Animals july 6 WAVERLEY NOVELS Chronicles of the Cannon gate first series' Highland Widow and Two Drovers The Daughter A further supply of the cheap edi tion this day received sad for sale by MORRISON july 31 L' 'i 4 doors west of Hotel OIL CLOTHS Just Received our sheets wide Oil Cloth which will be cut to order oct 3tGlobe CLAGETT JOHN DONALDSON PnssinsKT gNSURES LIVES for one er more years orforlifs Rate far One Hundred DeHart On and after Wednesday 17th instant the steamboat CON STITUTION will leave wharf for Philadelphia every morning (except Sundays) precisely at 3 returning same day with the passengers from Philadelphia putting those bound South on board the Norfolk boats in the river and those for Washington and the West at Baltimore in time for the evening train of rars Passaged! Meals aa usuaL Dally Excursion to renchtown and back The CONSTITUTION going and down the uni day atferds a pleasant and cheap excursion through ths beautiful scenery of the Chesapeake Bay enjoying the seabreeze for about nine hours Excursion tickets including breakfast sod dinner 32' june 27 SHEPPARD Agent UNITED STATES MAIL WAVERLEY NOVELS (Anne of Gieratein) fur ther supply of the cheap edition of the Waverley Novels lust received and for sale by MORRISON oct 14 four doors west of Hotel Washington university of halti MORE The regular lectures in this destitution will commence at the usual period the last Monday of October and continue until the 1st of March The aculty conaial of the following professors in the order of appointment: i Miurr Professor of Anatomy and Physiology Samuil Jknnings Professor of Materia Medico The rapeutics and Legal Medicine Handy Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children John Monkus II Professor of institutes and Practice of Medicine dyjabd obxman Professor of Chemistry John Dunsab Professor of Surgery and Surgical Anatomy Handy Demonstrator of The faculty wonld invite the attention of etudents of medicine and the profession generally to the peculiar advantages of this institution The plan is navel and it is believed improved Io the same ed ifice are contained a college for the delivery of lectures rooms for large number of resident students arid a hospital for the sick The hospital which the place chosen for the medical treatment of the seamen of the United Slates rtidadAo baspiul relief from the Government and contaiuing upwards of 100 patients public and private affoida one of the boat fields for the study of dismiss iu ilirn country And as the resident students have chat go of the patients under the direction efthe Piofeseors tiiey'caunut fail to acquiie a knowledge of practice which will greetly facilitate their success in after life 'i The arrangements for the prosecution of the important depart ment of anatomy are unsurpassed in this country In addition 'to the abundance of subjects for which Baltimore has always been so rema: kable owing to the liberal and enlightened views of her citizens the arrangements of the dissecting rooms of thia Univer sity are such as to afford peculiar facilities In the different departments the professors are well supplied with the essential moans of demonstrating whatever is required The chemical apparatus suffices to illustrate the principles of chemistry i The department of surgery will be illustrated by a large num ber of instruments models and apparatus comprising those of Auzouxand the patluRugicai models of Tbihert so justly celebrated imported from Europe expressly lor thia department of the Uni veisfty The aculty sincerely believe that young men who really de sire to acqurc a practical knowledge of their profession cannot fail to be struck with (lie grqat advantages an institution organized on so improved a plan must afford and they invite all such to Visit their institution and Io form an impartial judgment of what io the best suited to advance their own interests Additional" information in reference to the plan terms Ao may be obtained by letter addressed to i JOHN DUNBAR sept dt Nov 15 i Dean of the aculty The redericksburg Arena Richmond Enquirer Norfolk Bea con Charlottesville Advocate btaunlon Spectator nd Winches ter Republican will copy the above EAL EG Thisday received per schooner Alexandria Capt Pennfield from New York one criminal case real Principe Segars dd la Crux brand made of pure Zara tobacco warranted in quarter at 37 SO each or sale for cash at thia old snuff tobacco and fancy store 4 doors east of the City Post'Pffice LE WIS JOHNSON Several brands of the most approved Havana Segars war ranted genuine in whble half and quarter boxes for sale ft the lowest prices as above I i M' EH THE AMERICAN SWINEBREEDER By Ellsworth Thiels the first of a series of books for the practical farmer under the title of Series It will soon be followed by works on farming gardening manuresAe AIDS TO RELECTION By Saarael Taylor Coleridge with the author's last corrections Edited by Henry Nelson Cole rtdge Esq A To which is prefix Ai a preliminary Essay By John McYicar Professor of Moral Philosophy in Columbia Col lege New York THE REORMATION MEDICAL SCIENCE demand ed by Inductive Philosophy A Discourse delivered before the Society By Wm Channing AIDMAN MISSION is wanting" said Napoleon that the Youth of rance be well educated re plied Madam Campan This reply struck the Emperor said he "it a tytlem qf cducaRon in one vard" Be it your care to train up mothers who shall know how to educate their chil dren" I THE RIEND AmanusI of Dqmeatielnatruc tion and Discipline By John Morison Wuh a prefatory address to parents in America By Cot THE YOUNG GUIDE TO EXCELLENCE By Wm Alcott ust received and for sale at the Book and Stationery Store of ARNHAM Between 9th and 10th streets Penn avenue PATENT I ARMS The subscriber has received one of Patent Revolving Rifles of su perior finish in a fine mahogany case at 100 dollars also two cases of pistols at 30 dollars each manufactory prices At the Old Snuff Tobacco and ancy Store 4 doors eart of the City Post Office LEWIS JOHNSON IKKARTINIQUE SNU SR EGALI A SEGARS 1" Just received at the Old Snuff Tobacco and ancy Store 4 doors east of the City Poet Office a few dozen pound boules genuine Martinique Spuff at 31 26 per bottle end a small invoice of superior brown and yellow Regalia Segars for sale low for cash TW V1M1MART3 KANGlb A DIGKINSvi thecity of Washington bating resigned the appointment held by him for several years in the Treasury and War Departments has undertaken the agency of claims before Congressand other branches of the Government including coinmissiobete under treaties and! tfie various' public offices I also the procuring of patents for public lands prosecuting claims for services in the Revolution end for Navy pensions and generally jtuch other business ss may require the aid of an agent at Washington He will likewise att'end to the protec at ion of bounty land claims apon the State of Virginie and the recovery ol lands In Ohio which have been sold for taxes Persons having or soppoaing themselves to have Claims on transmitting statement of the faetswill be advised of the proper course of proceeding His charge will be moderate depending upon the amount pf the Claim and the extent of the service Hols also agent for thi American Life Insurance ihd Trust Company which has a capital of two millions of dollars paid in and for the Baltimore ire Insurance Company Mr A Dicnxs is khown to most of those who hgve been in Congress within the last few yean or who have occupied any public eiluatfon at Washington Hisoffice id on Pennsylvania avenue between Hotel and ifteenth street' i nr All letters must be postpaid eeptl2 I yd AMERICAN ALMAN AC 1S1 just received by TAYLOR 1 oct 5 Immediately east of BAN GES ID ORANGES ORANGES have just received 6 barrels of Oranges which will be sold low the barrel tb the EDWARD DYER i seiJ'4T 3tAritfiH tfe Vi Aoethmehr STRAYED OR STOLENoo or about the 1st Septem bar a white ami liver colored speckled SETTER DOG full grown well broke and answers fo the nadio of Tyro Ho has the mark generally termed a saddle (liver colored) A libe ra) reward will bp given for the delfery of said dig JTho owner hereby cautions all persons frofft harborinc him as they may in cur seine expense JOHN CLARK Heo3t jiiP between 10th end llthytreete dXHR TRAVELLING PUBLIC ere now informed that the jL Alligator Lino is ia eeccesefol operation through the en tire route tn Mobile via the Georgrg Railroad crs to lhenre by stages to Maceo Pcriy Pindartowu and Bainbridge tli nca by steamers Leroy end Charleston te Iola vi Chattahon chie thence by railread loSt thence perstoemersCham piti and Kingston via Pensacola to Mobile Passengers by the Al ligator Line leave Augusta every Tuesday Thursday and Satur day at 6 o'clock and are assured to arrive in Mobile in oar days The staging upon the Alligator Line being redaieed to SlO miles much less than by any other route and over the best natu al roads in she Southern country every comfort and accommoda tion are guarantied to passengers upon the line and they are at the same time assured that they shall bo exempt from all tbs impositions daily practised upon them spot the upper route via Columbus and Montgomery and that our object shall be to ex peiiita accommodate and please ear patrons Thia line connects at Bainbridge for Tallahassee lorida vii QJney and leaves immediately on the arrival at Bainbridge Lj Two coaches will at all times be run in company when the travel requires it or seats in the above line apply at the office at the United Slates Hotel Augusta' Georgia te mav 7 GEO DENT Agent IKTEW UODLIBET Contalqingsbme an fl hale' thereof with an authentic account of the origin and' growth oftbe borough and the sayings and dolngs'of sundry oLi the towns people interspersed with sketches of the moat remark able and diatinguishbd characters of that place its VicinityJ' 1 edited by Solomon SecondthQughts schoolmaster la this day nub lishcd ind for sale by MORRISON I' 'sept 25'1 Wi'dAmwesieif Hotei Bl WING PAPER ISCHER has just received bv the schooner President from the manufacturer 20 reams of superior Drawing Paper which was made ex pi eml uIy at Hail where the best im are constantly kept for sale on the most rewonablo terms Joly Ji if i iJ vl I lx's' 1 Mil I i Hank of Washington October 151 1840 WfOTICE IB HEREBY GIVEN ibala general meet Lw' ling of the Stockholders of thia Bsk will be bolden oo( Tuesday the first day of December next st the baoklrg house at 12 for the purpose of consldertng the propriety accepting the terms of the act of Congress peeved on the 3d day of July 1840 entitled An act to continue the corporate existence of the Banks in tbs District of Columbia for 'certain purposes" By order of the Preaident and Directors 3tawtcTi JAS ADAMS 'Cashier C'tOPY BOOKS plain very superior and much better than is usually offered for sale maybe had at the lowest prices at the Stationery store of ARNHAM oct 7 between 9th and 10th streets Penn avenue SCHOOL A large and general assortment ol School Books of the latest and mnet approved editions is just received and for sale low by 4 rf GARRET ANDERSON aept 28 3t Penn av 3 doors east qf the City Post Office rgHE BIBLE being the Old and New JI Testaments according to the authorized version illustrated with many hundred wood cuts representing the historical events after celebrated pictures the landscape scenes from original drawings or fiotn autbienlta engravings! and subjects of costume and antiquities from the best scenes to which are added Original Nrytes chiefly explanatory of the engravings and of such passages connected with the history geography natural history and anti quities of the Sacred Sriripttrres as require observation complete iu three eautiful volumes lately imported from London 'and for HR uy aept 28 GROUND Pure Verdigris In oil just received at a oct 6 Driiif Store BOOK Book of Martyrs complete history of tho lives the Christian martyrw from the comtnentemepl of Christianity to the Hteet period of Christian in one octavo volume of 516 pages full bound in leather with 34 engra vingB Price g2centi 17 TAYLOH ARNHAM streets Penn avenne throurrh Armanis Kurdis tan Persia and Meaoodtamia wit i an Introduction and Oct Observations upon the Condition of Mohatntnedaoism and Christianity in those countries by the Rev Horatio Snuthsrate in 2 voh this day receive! and for salp by VV hMORRLSQN 4 doors west of Hotel sept 30 Atrbatime: on the uAvys of fire iiy SUR AN CE band of Insurance on Injaml Waters wlh forms by Hcyninond counsellor aj law in one octavo vol ume price 81 50 ts just published and! tbia day received for 8aie by 1 TAYbOR READ ING drawn up at the request of the Mercantile Library Association of New York price 37 centk Just published and thia day received for gale hv TAYLORj june 26 AVER LEY Retlga untie A further supply of thechcap edition of the Waverley Novels this day received and forfale by MORRISON may I I 4 doors wiest of Brown's Hotel 4 Ji S1LANK BOOKb The subscriber keeps cbnstsnlly on I hand a complete assortment of Blank Memorandum' ks comprising at 1 the various sizes ruled to a variety of pet terns and rpanplactuicd of superior paper in neat and durable bindings Books of any size will be manufactured to order in as nkat and durable style as the latest improvements in finding willdmiL Just received a large lol of Blank! Books which will be i old much lower than the usual prices i Writing wrapping and copying Payers and Stationery in gieat variety both foreign and domestic manufacture for sale it tue lowest prices 2 Between 9th and lOtb sis Penn Avenue The Company also executes trusts receives money on deposite paying interest semi annually or compounding it and makes all kinds of contracts id which life or the Interest of money ia in volved WILLIAM MURDOCK Secretary AGENTS James Causten City of Washington Dr Wellford redericksburg Virginia Baldwin Richmond Va I Robertson Norfolk Va I A TiJball Winchester Va George Richards Leesburg ya marl ly NEW MUSIC Just received the following pieces of new Music at Iba eld established store two doors eul of the City Post Office i ISCHER Evening melodies Nos I to 9: When twilight is stealing a duet The music of thy song When Voices breathe a music sweet Ask not from me a duet Smile on The voice of the oast touch the harp The hours to night thebird of spring grand match by A Shaw Recollections of Buffa lo Quick step by Johnson Grand promenade march by Detach American Quick step Beuaparte crossing the Alps Leander crossing the Hellespont sept 3 iTlELD SPORTSMEN rThe subscriber hT hand for sale at very reduced i prices a lew very superior Double Percussion London made Guns in handsome mahogany cases with all the necesaaiy implements complete several lower priced Double Percussion English Guns from 325 to 350 each and an assortment of good Single Guns ranging from 312 to 820 each i Also a complete assortment of Sporting Apparatus such as fine and common game bags patent copper powder fluke various sizes every variety of double and single shot bags and pouch es sportsmen's bottles and drinking cups Pigon celebrated London and best: American sporting povder best Baltimore shot all aizes wad cutters patent wads Ac Also a general assortment of belt travelling pocket and other Piatofs or sale efieap for cash at the old Snnff Tobacco and ancy store fourdors east of the City Post Office Penn avenue I I LEWIS JOHNSON PS A small invoice of Kendall and new pat ent Rifles for sale as above I i sept 16 Dally to the South VIA THE CHESAPEAKE BAY THE "Maryland end Virginia Steamboat conti tinue to run their splendid steamboats i ALABAMA Captain Sottow 4 GEORGIA Captain Corrxx JEWESS Captain Holmzs la connexion with the Portsmouth and Roanoke Railroad leav ing Baltimore from the lower end of wharf daily in ac cordance wi'h the following ae bed ale Leave Baltimore nt 9 A naive at Portsmouth Va ISO miles at or before 11 Leave Portsmouth al half past 11 arrive at WeldonN 80 miles at 6 A Leave Weldon at half past 6 A II arrive at Wilmingtec 161 miles same evening Leave immediately and arrive at Charleston 170 miles next day before noon I Thus completing nearly six hundred miles ia about fifty hours with but throe changes of person and baggage and comparatively no fatigue while on any other inland route there are not lassthaa ten changes in the same distance Travellers preferring the southwestern to the southern that is sot going through can have instant accosimo dj'ioa at Weldpn by stages twelves miles to tbs Raleigh railroad which places them precisely where they would be were they to go through Washington redericksburg Richmond Petersburg and Guion without toy more expense and one half the fatigue Passoagere for Richmond who leave Baltimore by this line en Monday Wednesday or riday sleep on board the Bay boats and dme in Richmosd thefollowing day or the North one of the leaves Portsmouth immediately os the arrival of the' cars from Weldon and fre iestly pats passengers Into Baltimore In time to go on to Phila delphia by the afternoon train of ears' Those therefore who select thia line are sure of arriving here as early as by any other route and stand a good chance ofbeing in Philadelphia eceentecn boure in advance This despatch cannot be accomplished by any other route than the Chesapeake Bay now or hereafter i JOHNC MOALE aug 17 President Md Vs Steamboat Co Baltimore OKU LARD'S HACOUBA SNU Justreceiv ''J outIn oflfotany and a id ed a fresh supply of Moeouba Sjwff the old In'rodnction by Catherine HWsterman loral Bing ranntv aw ah clratamrss rttr ffinrarlAiim skAtk Sentiment of jlowera or Language of lora with colored plates CASTOH GLOVES Castor gloves very 1 superior oa hand at the store of oct 3t i WINGERD A BRADLEY1 WANTED A gentleman whose time is only employedfrom 1 until 2 would undertake to keep plain scl of books do any ether writing collect accounts or attend to iny other business which may offer Wisblng to have bis whole'title employed at semi butiueas his terms would be moderate Please address at this office bet 7 1SSOLUT1ON This day by nlutiial consent the eo partuerltip of ESSEX A LAZENBY is dissolved AU persons indebted to the late firm will please call on Josiah Essex (who will continue the grocery business at the old stand) and fey! their accounts Al who have claims against the latefirm will please present them to Josiah Essex for settlement I October 7 1840 JOSIAH ESSEX oct 3t LAZENBY ill 188 LESLIE'S BIRTHDAY 8TOR1ES for th' Young The ireside Book translated from the rench of Berqbia author of the riend with moiiiy engravings The Companion with I engravings by same author llie Jovenlle orget me not a' Christinas and birthday souvenirjfor 1841 The airy Gift a collection of now fairy' tales with two hundred engravings Offering' a newssouvenir foe 1841 beautifully illustrated andYichly bound pj end many others of the same character Just received andfor aald at the lowestprires by i "iu TAYLOR Libkaby or co*kgzess Oct 12 1840 QTICE is hereby given that the Library of Congress will aw bo rlosed on Tuesday iLu 27th instant and will not again be opened until Tuesday tho 2 lihkff November I oct 3tawltn JOHN MEEHAN Librarian ERO Atl TIPPECANOE or the Story of the Life il ot William Henry Harrison related: by Captain Miller to bis Boys Tho youthful patriotsnnd rising statesmen of tho United States can read thia history ana become acquainted with the principles which guided the generation to which General Harrison 'principles which had they not been forsaken our country would never have aeon her present days of gloom principles to which eur rulers must return before that gloom tike a cloud shall go up and roll away I Before you coins to act these men will have gone to thsiir but it is to be uped that you will adopt ilieir principles and catch so much of I heir spirit that when in place cf your fathers you stand up to vote you' will place men in au thority Who will beta terror to evil doers and a praise of them that do Jtist recvived and for sale at the Bookstore of ARNHAM between 9th and 10th streets Pennsylvania aenue sept2' Barouche and harness household URNITURE Ac by order of the Cburt at On Wedaesdsy next the 21s in taat at' 1(1 o'clock A Mi in front of my auction store shell sell by er Her of the Court the personal effects of the lata Eleazer Early deceased consisribg of In 'part as follows viz i Jlaropcbe end Harness Buffalo Robes and Door Mata A Mahogany Table Looking Glavr Recker andj Dressing Table Rosewood Dressing Case plated and other Candlesticks Andirons I Carpels imperial Rugs 'rench maple Bedstead Betl and Mat tress I 's Ji Washstands Basins end Pitchers Marseille! Counterpanes Blankets Sheets Towels Table Cloths Ac 1 it With a variety of excellent and nearly new wearing apparel i Terms: AU sums of and underRlO cash over 310 a credit of nicety days purchasers to give bond or notes with satisfactory as curity bearisg interest I To which iwill be added I variety of ether furniture intended for sals last Saluiday and waa prevented by the appearance of rain ouch MahoganySofae eaneraod other Chairs Centre Card Dining and Breaklast Tables mahogany Sideboards large lot of Crocke ty and Glassware variety of Astral and Mantel Lamps Clocks" and liw jwat Bedsteads Beds and Mattresses mahogany Toilet and other Bureaus Washstands Basink Pitchers Ac wflh several Ingrain Carpets cooking ball phrlnr and other Eun i tu I Auctioneer J8AAC MACAULEY A SONS No 103 Chestnut street Philadelphia respectfully acquaint lheit friends arid the Public that they continue v) manufacture extensively PATENT LOOR Oil CLOTHS for rooms halls vestibules and stairs which can be furnished al the shortest notice at re duced prices (any size without seam) very superior in point of age durability addiriebness of colors I They are manufactured on the highly approved plan of" Hare A Sone" Bristol England which gives! age: to article by a slow process iu the manutacturing without which a good loor Oil Cloth cannot be made The Philadelphia Patent loor Oil Clolh Manufactory" was the first and for rifony years the only one! of the kind in the Unit ed States It is now about 36 years in successful operation and oq a scale calculated to manufacture upwards of 100000 yards of Oil Cloth per annum tie Proprietors can therefore Warrant their manufacture equal to the imported in every respect and will be wild at least 25 or 3(1 pe cent lower 1 'Orders from any jlart Of the United States South America) or tho West Indies through us or addressed to the manufac turers with proper references will be promptly attended to IS Orders will be received by WM A GpO STETflNlUS! where specimens may be seen sept 22 3tqw2m ETTERS ROMTHE East ANDROM THE JLd EST by rederick Hall is for sale by WM MORRISON 4 doors west of Hotel may 18 Court Sept 22 1840 Ditlrict of Columbia Wdshingtcri county to wit ORDERED on application that letters of administration otvlhe estate of Eleazer Early late of Wat hingtqn county deceased he granted ini Lewis Johnson unless cause to the con trary he shown on or before the seeofid Tuesday in October next Prodded a copy ol this order be published in the Intelligencer and Globe newspaper once a week for three successiii'wyeka previous to said second Tuesday in October next a (jAUSIN True ropy te: ED BOACH sept 23 w3w i Globe Registero Wi 1 1 IL1TARY1I1STORICAL LIBRARY Now pob jI lishing in Pads in large octavo volumes with very numer ous Topographical and 'Military Mops afid Engravings dedicatetT lo the Army and National Guard of rance i CyM I premiere Ibis que essay do rennir dans une meme coUeeticm lestneilleura ouvrag'es qai traitent de militaire 7 travail eat fait par deux bomtnep des Icttres 1 comme ila ne sont pfrangcra nil un nil aiitrs a la science dr armev ilseo nprennrnt l2ut 5 e514t'chiejoffre de from the Preface 1 i Volamedt'On the' Tdctiei bf Greekd (TbuhydMesj'Xeii phon Arrianua) 4 1 v's I Volumes On the Roman Armies and 3 will cMtcainTtis Military Msmoiraof Napoleon' completed jn vqlymes the first nd seeopd of which are AoW received aad ffiay ba examined at the bookstore br I iicDu jftata I PfTAYLOR' tail TUMSHING TACKLE The subscriber has received a small invoice of India Sea grass Pishing Lines Nos 1 2 sad 3 Oa hand a variety of articles as Redo Lines Reals Poatx Ac At the old Snoff Tobacco and ancy store a few east of the City Post Office Pean avenue mr LEWIS JOHNSON ag tj both before aud behind the ctrtain Mfrcd Bonn lessee of Corent Garden and Drury Lane j'ist Pu'led re tfii day received for Sale by 1 7 or among the subscribers tn the Cir calatmg Library Also new novel The Man at Arma in 2 vol 1 sept 16 HJGWTER Of the United States fbr the 1840 Register of the Commissioned and'War Er" UH United Stites Including Officers of the Marine Corps Also the Army Register and Regulations for ths Uniform and Urea of the Army of the United States Just published and foraaleatthe Bookstoreof PaRNHAM etween 9th and 10th streets Pesmiylvania avenue mar 18 Description of the United States lands in Iowa giv l0K a full and complete description of every section andquour bankT prairies swamp rock coal nanlts iron and lesd ores mill seats Ac Ac with a targe tono phical map of the United States surveys sbowiag the sections 1 I PoWtahad or tale by TAYLOR wtas Dictionary for Illinois with a targe sectional Northern Traveller through the Northern States and Canada Irclume 1840 orisale low by the cask at oct 3 1 I Drug Store HE HISTORY EUROPE frdm the 'Otamence ment of tho rench 1 Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons by Archibald Allison rr Seven volumes are published lbs eigbtk which completes the work will be issued in London in the course of week or two from this tiuie Co pies of thia work will be imported by TAYLOR Bookseller Washington eity for those who wish to order thein Thc price ia Ibis country will ho about30 dollars 1 No work could 'have mode such progress in national opinion without subatenlial qualities Its vigor of research add It iota limsas of principle its accurate' knowledge and its animation of ytyle have been the grounds of its remarkable' public favor as ikiey are the guaranties for is permanent popularity Rlaok wood I i j'' "Tbs History of Europe during ths rench Revolution is in dispensable to all those who are forming collections on this sub ject It is the complexion of them to the rench Tranelation by Af Parpilt History of Europe daring the rench Revolution is by far the moat remarkable historical work of the last century" oreign Quarterly Redcw July 3 BOARD of The undersigned will meet at the City Hollon Monday the 26th instant and lliere remain from day to day for five days Iroui 9 A to 3 to hear and decide on all appeals from the assessment of the assessors fof jho year 1840 I S' JOHN GaDSBY i GEORGE GKaNDELL null AS HLALiLIEN Buurd ol Appeal JKT OTIC This ia to give notice that the subscriber has bb I la tained from the Orphans Cburt Charles county in' Ma ry land letters of administration on thef personal estate of Rober Clements late of Charles county deceased' All persons'hav ing claims against the raid deeeased are hereby warned to exhib it the same with the vouchers thereof to the subscriber at or be fore the 15th day of April next they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of ibe said estate Given under my hand thisSih dav of October I840J CRAIN w4w 1 Robert Clementf SOMETKICAL VIEIE H1E KLSI DENT'S HOUSE the surrounding public buildings and private residences Ac is for sale by MORRISON 3 doors west Hotel'" nrmny 20 CONOMICAL Jost published and thia day received forsaleby TAYLOR the first and second volumes of the Economical Library containing Tales of Hu 0 be followed by other volumes of the same cheap series large type well printed with paper covers Price 25 cents per folume 1 1 The succeeding volumes will be for sale as aeon as they are published etther aingly ot together by iept 21 4 MJt iar 1 3 1 1 MW: I 3 'i HAKRI8ON ALMANAC OR 18 1 I comprising the DKrt striking incidents (or anecdotes) in the life of the il lustrious written in the mji concise and popular style of the Pele and many of the most prominent end interesting events il filtrated by original drawings engraved by some of the best artistai in a bold and spirited style exactly adapted to strike the and induee thousands to reed and thereby infoitn tbeinsclTcsrespecting the great service and character of Gen Harrison aid bis distinguished claims to the undivided support of tbi freemen of the whole country for the next Presidency It is alw decidedly useful as act Almanac having a calendar carefully preparedly an experienced astroaotuerttud adapted to ail pans of the Uniteti States Just peftished and for sale at the Book atoie of PARNHAM betweev 9th and 10th vtrecte Pennsylvania avenue iTrice 34 per hundred 6) cents single may 8 g2JOOH LETTER PAPER faint lined at 3 dollars VS per ream a tnod't excellent and cheap article Also a great variety of Paper ut the lowest prices at the Bookstore of I ARNHAM sept 28 Between 9th and 10th sts Penn avenue 1 ACAlP Published thia day the Second edition of WoriHn Season or Review of the Political Life and Opin ions of Van Buren addressed to the entire Democracy of ths Amerisn People' Dedicated to the Tippecanoe Clubs of the Union by iHarrison i The following extracts are taken I from the notices with which thia pamphlet has been favored by the National Intelligencer aud the Madiserfian I Without having an opportunity of reading it through we have been enabled to look over it sufficiently to perceive that it has been gotten up with great research and stringed with perspicu ity and method aud promises to enlist consideraU public inter est ss a text book on the Subject it treats Nat Ini Sep temberio 9c These vyho desire full and minute respecting the I'fe opinion? and political history of Mr Van Buren should pro cure a copy of the pamphlet just published by Mr Morrison of thia city entiled A Word in Scasdn' Ac Ae The author has lined great care and industry in the compilaxion and presents his facts in a clear methodical and interesting aVad September 25 Price S3 br 100 copies $3 for 50 copies and S2 for 25 cof ies ry Orders addressed to the undersigned post paid will re ceive promptattention fV riendly editors will confer a favor by giving this an in seriwo MORRISON sepl SO '4 doors weat of Hotel 6 S' ku No 8637 BOARD WANTED ins private family ky a geoltemau' i lady and two children folbe pnsujag winter fjTwo bed rooms will be required I I I' Inquire st the office of the Army and (Navy Chronicle 17th atreet oppoalte the Navy Department oct 3t OOK OUT oR COLD 1 takethfo JLd method of informingimy friends of Washington and the citizens of the District generally that I have pow in store a large and general assortment of STOVES both for wood dtod coal and invite them to call find examine my asouimen before they buy Also 1 have just received in addition to thq above supply of celebrated Parlor Stoves knbwn by 6I namebeing eat "I on the top plate of the stove those that have pot got bi nau ct the top plate of the stove are not Parlor Stoves They are moen handsomer this aeasan than the last he has mads entiro new patterns forjbew v) I i 'H 1 Al a targe and very handsome assortment of splendid Mantel Grates All of which! shall sell very 4 a ij i i CLEMENT WOODWARD Between 10th and 1 1th ate Penn avTSign cf the Grate pct Madisonian Pot' Adv Alex Gsz3t EW OKKS The Husband Hunter in2 vole EveryLw Dey Life in London by Jernes Grant author of" Recol lections of the House of Lords and Commons" "Great Metro Ac in 2 vols Just received for sale by TAYLOR or for circulation among the subecribcra to the Waverly circulating library immediately eaat of Hotel mar 27 EDERAL History of the ede ral Government for fifty years from March 1789 to Marqb 1839 by Alden Bradford editor of the MaaMchusetta State Papers Ac Just received foreale by TAYLOR jnly 24 1 Immediately eaetof WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA BOAT3 at The steamboat PHENIX will resume her regular tjf tri re between Washhglon and Alexandria on Tburaday the 15th inst and will run al the following hours from each place vis Leave Alexandria Leave aehington At 8 and 10 A 1 At 9 and fl A At 2 and 4 At 3 and 5 o'clock The Phenix will leave Alexandriafor Georgetown daily at 11 (Sundaye excepted) and leave Georgetown for Alexan dria at 12 JOHN WILSON oct dim Captain WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA BOAT 1 On and after Wednesday the 14lh October the SaLSteomboal JOSEPH JOHNSON will depart aa follows vis Leave Ifathington I Leave Alexandria Al lOand 12 A I At 9 and 11 A At 2 and 4 At I and 3 Until further notice OcLIS mar if IGNATIUS ALLEN Captain ALEXANDRIA OUNDRY Steam engine and Machine actory Iron brtis and composition castl ings of evety description high and lotJ pressure 'steam engines fire engines sheet iron brntsmill and tobacco screws turning lathes bells of all sizes letter copying presses Ac rr other ma chinery executed promptly and on the: most favorable terms by 1 i A SMITH The above have a very targe assortment of patterns for mill and other gearing Ac Also a variety of handsome patterns for cast iron railings Ac' i 1 They have for 1 One locomotive engine One 20 horse high pressure engine Two 8 horse do do 7 One 3 horse dq do All of which are completed and will be sold very low if early application is made oet ly ROMAN KALY The subscriber baa for sale a few dozen real Roman Kalydor at 60 cents and London do at 31 257 Also genuine lorida Water at 50 cents per bottle rsis inline era snuuriooaoeo ana tsnoy eity post office Penaslvuua avenge cJ i' jsz i POCAHONTAS A Legend by Mrs Webster just received by TAYLOR oct 6 Immediately east of Gsdaby's PEASE'S CLARIIED ESSENCE 1IOAR HOUN CAN DY for public speakers laaryein clergy mao sod all others whoso voice or lungs may be subject to weak ness exhaustion or disease Tbe advertiser agent for the patentee has just received a sup ply of the above article valuable for its medicinal properties and highly recommended by the physicians al the North er sale (in sealed package only) by 1 TAYLOR oct 7 Bookseller EW Just received llhe following pieces of mu tie at the old established store (wo doors east of the City Poet Office i ISCHER Leg Cabin Quick Step North Bend Quick Step General Har icon's Tippecanoe Grand March gazed on eyes as bright as thine Marcbe Autrichieune with variatiooa lf thou hast crushed a flower With your little Wife Amarinth Waltz Mocaique Muai eate a rondo i may 11 I BON TONibr Monthly Mirror pf tbe latest fashions Ld of London and Paris for October 1840 Thia work ia pub fished monthly at the low price of 15 cents per number7 contain ing 17 figures steel and copner neatly colored and elitebed with a delineation of the prevailing fashions in London and Paris at the time of tbe departure of the eteamea I 5'7 or sale at th Bookatora of R' ARNHAM oet 7 Between 9th and1 10th street Penn Avenue A CARD Mrs ANN CLARK would inform her friends Cm' that sbe ha fust returned from the North and ill open on riday October 15 a select and beautiful assortment of Pall Mil linery" consisting of the latest style Bonnets and Cops? rench lowers very superior Wreathsaod Buacbea Plaid Ribands fig ured and plain do A few very fine lorence Braid BonnetsStraw do very low with a variety of other ayfieles in herlideD All kinds of Boooctexepaired in the best manner it oet 14 eoSl'j Bridge atreetj Georgetown ULBOUS BULBOUS ROOTS Ex pected in a few days lot of the hbove beguiiful 6nd dcii rhble lower Roots They have arrived in the United Slates and wiil be here in a few days when due'notieo will be pidn of theday of Bala iJ 'jP EDWARD' DYER oct 3l 7 i Auctioneer SALE VALUABLE IMPRO JL VED By virtue ofadqed of trust from Charles Horace Upton and wife dated the 6th duof June 1838 rod duly recorded in fie land1 records of Washington county in be District of Columbia in liber II No 70 folios' 53 54 56 aud 56 tba subscriber will sell at public auction at the auction store ot Edward Dyer on Thursday the 12th day November bslfpastd forces all that piece or parcel of ground lying in the city of Wash ngton being part of Square No 74 beginning fur the said piece on Peunsylvaui avenue at die distance of three hundred and seventy three feel ten inches from the southwest corner of said square and at the centre of the party wall between the first and second bouses now ereeteji upon raid square and running thence with a Hue drawn northwardly Ji rough and with the middle of said party wall one hundred and twenty six feet thence eastwardly parallel with Pennsylvania avenue twenty three feet three inches thence southerly throughml with the middle of the party well of ths second and third houses erected oil said square one hundred aud twenty six feet intersect Pennsylvania avenue and thence with the said ave nue to the beginning On which is erected a three story brick lenement tbs same being the second bouse from the wees end of the row commonly known as the Six Buildings Upon the payment of the purchase money the subscriber will qonvey to the purchaser all tbe title and estate conveyed to him by said deed of trust If the purchaao mouey be not paid withiu tree days from the day of sale the property will bo advertised ant resold at the risk and expense of the first parebsser' TH Trustee EDWARD DYER oct 13 2taw2d3tif Auctioneer 7 ETTER PAPER ISCHER has jut received JL 4 from the celebrated manufacturers Jessop A Brothers 100 reams blue wove band made letter paper ruled on three sides a most excellent article for sale al Stationers' Hal) where the very best writing papers either of English or American manufac ture are constantly kept for sale I oct 14 HARRY LOHKEQUER with numerous illustration by Phiz also 2d vol Teo Thou sand a Year also 3d and 4th Nos Charles this day received and for sale by MORRISON oct 14 4 doors west of Hotel MTEW Every day Life London by Gran author of The Great Metropolis Bench and Bar Ac in two vols42mo 4 il i The Husband HuitRer or Da Scbikal a tale by the author of The Wife Hunter in two vols 12mo The Sentiment of lowers or Lsnguage of lora with colored plates in one vol ICino fancy sillc binding Just received for kale at is GARRET mar 27 Penn avenue 3 dors ehstof City Post Office REN CH Engraved Copies of ttre Btuart Palut ings now exhibiting! in the Congress Library of ths firm five Presidents of (lie Utatted States A few of these beautiful copies are this day received for sale by TAYLOR Bookseller and may be examined at his store immediately eaetof Hotel The number of copies are limited the plates having been destroyed by contract after the printing of It limiied number These engravings (re to ba distinguished from the Americas copies of them which have been recently circulating through the Uniie I States i if marl aiUEOBOllE ft EiV NOVEL Countess Ida received for sale by TAYLOR or for circulation among the subscribers tq th Waverley Circu lating Library june 8 DOLLARS REWARD Strayed or stoles from the subscriber a more and eolu Tbe mare is of a duo color with her right bind foot white the colt is marked in the same manner The above reward will be given to anyone who will bring said mare and colt to CARUSI oct 10 eo6t At Assembly Hall Uth street "flKUMB BELLS Tbe subscriber has thia day received an additional supply of Dumb Bells of various weights from 8 posods to 30 per pair at the Old Snuff Tobacco and ancy Store 4 doors east of the City Post Office 5 LEWIS JOHNSON MACOUBA 8NU Ths sub scriber has just received so invoice of Martinique Maoeoba Sauli alo Yellow Scented and Lancaster Rappee Snuff at the old Sauff Tobacco and ancy Store four doors east of the City Post Office I'dy 10 LEWIS JOHNSON ARE cerfain cure for every curable dieeate became they not only thoroughly cluame the atmuacb aud bowels and PURIY THE BLOOD hu they alo induce a pi oper dis charge by th Lungs Skin and' Kidneys in other iorife they open all tho natural drains and thus NATURE the GRAND PH YSICIAN is left free to combat and conquer ditedse (It should also be borne in mind that the above named ludiatl Vegetable £ilta are so natural to the human CONSTITUTION that not th slightest dread of pain er sickness need be appro bended frein their use even by the most delicatet the same time if they be seed in such a mauner as to operate freely by tire bowels and pereevered with for a short time it Will be ABSO LUTELY IMPOSSIBLE OR of on kind TO CONTINUE long in the body la all dfepnlered motions of die Blood called Intermittent Re miusat Nervous Inflammatory and Putrid '54: i EVERS The Indian Vegetable Pills will be found a certain remedy because they cleaaeihe Stomach and Bowel of all bilious mat ttriy Blood oemeetjuently at they rerobrip the cauati of trerr xiudvf dixexAe they are atMoiutaiyaoruun Uieure every kind of ysr So also xben morbid humors are deposited upon ihd taembrane sad muscle causing those pains inflammations and swelling? called 1 4 RHEUMATISM pOUT Ac The Indian Vegetable Pills may be relied on as always ccrtaic to give reliyt and if: persevered with will most assuredly and without faifytnake a perfect cure of tbe above painful maladies rom thres six of said Indian Vegetable Pills taken every night on ging to bed will in a short time completely rid the body of all (norbid and corrupt humora and Rheumatism Gout and pain description will disappear as if by fongic or t(ie same reason when from sudden changes olaunoephere' or any other esuss the perspiration is cheeked and those h'lmois which should pass off by the skin are thrown iuwafdly causing headaeh nausea and sickness pains iu the bones watery and inflamed eyes sore throat hoarseness cougbs consumption rheu matic pains in' various parts of the body and many other symp toms of ij I CATCHING COLD Ji Tbe Indian Vegetable Pills will invariably give immediate re lief Thre or four Pills taken at night on going to bed and re peated a few limes will remove all the above unpleasant symp toms and restore the body to even sounder health than it was be' fore The ame may be eaiffiof Diljiculty of Breathing or ASTHMA i The Indian Vegetable Pills will loosen and carry off by thosto mach and boweta those tough pklegmy buiuois which stop up the air cells of Ut lungs and sre the cause of the above dreadful com plaint J' Itshoold lao be remembered that tbe Indian Vegetable Pill sje certain it remove pain in ibe side oppression nausea and sickness loss of appetitef creliveneaa a yellow ting bf (he skis and eyes and every other symptom of LIVER COMPLAINT Because they purge from the body those corrupt and stagnan humors which when deposited upon the Liver are the cause ol tba above dangerous complaint They are also a certain pre ventive of i I APOPLEXY AND SUDDEN DEATH Because they carry off those humora which obstructing the circulation 'art the cause of a rush or determination of blood to the head giddiness especially on turning suddenly round blindness drowsiness loss of memory iuflaiumauun of tbe brain insanity and every other disorder of the mind i ONE WORD TO THE SEDENTARY? 1 Those who jsbot within doors should remember that (hey fre quently breathe au atmosphere which is wholly unfit for the pro per expansion of the Langs and at the same time owing to warn of exercise the bowela are not sufficiently evacuated the blood becomes impure and headaeh indigestion palpitation of the heart and many ocher disagreeable aymptomsrare sure to follow 1 iTHE INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS Sr Being a cleanser of tbe Stomach and Bowels and a DlRECl PURIIER of the Blood are certain not only to remove pain oi distress of every kind from tbe body but if used occasionally aa to keep the body free from those humor which are the GAUS of EVERY MALADY UNDER HEAVEN they will most as suredly promote such a jost and equal circulation of the Blood that those who leaid a sedentary life will be enabled to enjoy sound health and DISEASE ANY KIND WILL BE ABSO LUTELY IMPOSSIBLE Agent fori Washington ROBERT ARNHAM Book seller Avenue WM COOK 3 North Gay street OICE AND GENERAL 169 RACE STREE1 PHILADELPHIA rlly A GKNCI at JAMES Hi UAUs OL TEN (1st of Baltimore) having made thia city hjajperma antresldencewill undertake with his accustomed Zealand dil igence the settlement of claims generally and more particular!) claims before Congress against the United States or the severs Departments thereof and before any Board of Com mission pre tba Iaay be raised for the adjustment of spoliation or other claims He has now iu charge the entire class arising out of rench spo liations prior to llje year 1800 with reference to which iu pddilion to a mase of documents and proofs iu hie possession be has ae eesato those intbearehivesof the Government Ctatl'JUa and'petMUonerooa tho Navy fund Ac botmtylanda return duties Ac Ac and those requiring life insurance can have their buainsds promptly attended to by letter (post paid) tnd thus reUev'themelvea from an expensive and jnconveaieni personalaUendancp Having obtained a commission of Notary Public he Is prepared to furnish legalized copies of any required public docntiieuts or other papera Ha has been so long engaged in the dudes an agent that it can only be necessary now to say that economy and prompt attention shall be extended to all business confided to his ears and that td enable hitp torender his services add facilities more sfficacipus(he has become familiar with all tha forma ol Office 'j7 Office on et reel near the new Treatury Building Office Marine Cospa I WasiiiNorojf Oct 1840 SEPARATE PROPOSALS will be received at the office of ihe Asauilant Quartermaster of the Marine Corps at Phila delphia until the Oth day of November next for furnishing rations to the United States Marines at the following stations for tho year I Portsmouth New Hampshire Charlestown Massachusetts Brooklyn Long Island New York Philadelphia Pennsylvania Gosport near Norfolk Virginia Pensacola lorida and Vl UUH(lgllJtl UllUKta UI VUlUlliUin I The ration to consist uf qne pound and a quarter of fresh jbeef or three quarters of a pound of mesa pork eighteen ounces of bread or flour at tho option of the Government and at the rate'of six pounds of good green coffee twelve pounds of good New Or leans sugar eight quarts bf beans four quarts of vinegar two quarts of sail four pouuds of Soap and one and a half pounds of giod dipped candles to each hundred ratiohs It is understood that the lull side of beef (necks and shins ex cluded) be delivered if required if such quantity be not requir ed that (lie foro add hindquarters be delivered alternately aud the bread or flour shall bo of superfine quality all the article to bq uncxceptionable and lo be issued to the troops without expense to the United Stat The proposals to be endorsed Proposals for rations for and to be addressed fo George Lindsay Esq Assistant Quart terrpaster United Stales Manne Corps Philadelphia 's AUG A NICHOLfcON Qtwrtsrmastari JjpThu American Senlinet and Pennsylvanian Philadelphia the Portsmouth Gazette' New Hampshire the New YorkiEre nirtg Poat lhe Republican Herald Providence Rhode Island Baltimore Republican Norfolk Herald Richmond Enq tirer Rich mond Whig and Pensacola Gazette will give the above three iner rtions each fie'r week and send tine copy of the advertise ment to accompany tbe necount when forwarded to this office for payment J1 i 1 i oct5 3tawtd Bank of ths MItbopomb Wash isoton Szpt 8 1840 AT a trieeting of the President and Directors this day the fol lowing preamble and resolution were adopted viz Whxrxas it ia required by law tfiat General Meeting of the Stockholder of this institution shall be held within six months from the 3d day qf July last 'for the' purpose of deciding on the propriety of authorizing the Presidetil and Directors thereof for the lime being tv fila their declaration in writing in tbe office of tho Secretary of the Treasury assenting to and accepting the ex tension of its charter as granted by thg act of Congress passed on the 3d day of July 18j0 entitled Ab ac( to continue the corpo rate existence of the Banks in the District of Columbia for cer tain purposes therefore bail Resolved That a 'General Meeting of the Stockholders for the said purpose and for the purpose of considering other Subject that may be submitted be and the same in hereby accordingly called for Monday the 9thday of November bext tb be held at the bank I 1 us 4 a 1 dB xs I okas L4 11 1 U013 Ul IltQ IIMIJIUI I4J IltlUIO Extract from UiioutcB aepf'26 cold 'Y Just received the following piecesofnew music at (he old established aitaro two doers eeat of the Poet Oifice i ISCHER 1 Songt arranged for tbt Piano LadyeC England poetry by Ci Morris Eeq and dedicated to Major Thecnaa Smith 1 Rota That Opes at Morn 7 The Admired Romance Paut The American Exile as sung by Mr Brough The Majdof Saratoga Springs with beautiful vignette Rather be a Village Maid do God (reserve tbe Queen do Songs (sir) from Scripture tho poetry by ore Eq The Metanora Grand March 1 Piltsbur Brass Band Quick Step The Rarest QuickStep in imitation of drums fifes and bugler Six composed by Henry Powell Dtscoutk or Sulphur Spring Walts Divertissem*nt on two Motifs from the Opera Zelmira wertureto iXMjoraxa arranged tor two performers March do aea Rondino airy Kmdo on celebrated Cavatina Theme de Martiaui with variatiefoi by Czerny Reading Chasse by Roland antaem Pom the Opera of Amilik by Powell Scale the Opbicleide Scale iff th notes and keys for the piano forteLa Cndfucoa arranged for the guitar 1 aw MA at va Ia do drt CHIAP LAW Thi subscriber has for sale a valuable collection of Law Bool in great variety of tbe latest ami most improved editions for sale at aa low prices in every rise as they cn be procured either' in Philadelphia or Now York lower in some ease than either Individuals wishing tn purchase are invited to call and examine for themselves on this point before sending thefr orders to the North tuly 15 TAYLOR Bookseller "AIGEST Digest of Patent issued Affi by the United States from 1790 to January 1 1830 pub lished by act of Congress under the superintendence of the Coin mission er of Patents Henry Ellsworth to which is added the present law relating to patents or sale at the bookstore of july 27 Between 9th and lOt CJOUTHG TRAVELS POOR JACK by Capt Marryat to be brought quoin numbers like the works of Boz the first number illustrat ed by three engravings is this day received for sale by TA Tf LOR price twelve aud a half cents mar 18 Court Sept 22 1840 Ditlrict of Columbia Wathinglon county to wit: SN the case of William Nicholls administrator de honit nonpf James Kincaid of said county deceased the said admi nistrator with the approbation of the Court has appoint ed the second Tuesday in April 1841 for tbe final settlement of said estate and for payment and distribution in the direc tion and coulrol of the assets in said hand to the legal representatives of Said deceased at which time and place the said legal representatives are requested to attend Provided copy ef Shtrerder bs published once a month for thre months previous to said second Tuesday in April next 1841 Vrest: jay kuaoh ept tn3tn if Rcgwter of Will CASS1NET8 AND EAN 1 500 pieces Csssineta every color and quality 1000 do lannel of every description among them Rod 'O' gers's and patent lanneta warranted notu to brink iu washing oet I9f I WINGERD A ADLEYti'J Birdseye and table diapeks a great variety of the above named Goods for sale at our usual low iprices' "f' tt 7 A bet 19 i WINGERD A BRADLEY' ID We baveitins any opened fifty dozeu Gentlemen's super light Kid Gloves which: will be sold provided early application be made at the very low price bf 310 50 per dozen i'j a i pct 19 W1NGEBD A BRADLEY? IRISH LIN EN 8 300 pieces medium and low priced Irish linens very aheap 10 pieces super do extra heavy and fine tins day opened oct 3t WINGERD A BRADLEY Vi: MORRISON 4 dunrs west of Hotel XUBLiq LAN General Public Actsof Congtess re specting tahe sale and disposition of the public lauds with the into uctios issued from time to lime by the Secretaries of the Treasury and thc Commisaloncra of the General Land Office and tho official opinions of the Attorneys General on questionsarising under the Land Laws running from 1776 to the present time 2 vols oetafowith many large Maps Pints Engravings ofSurveysof Indian lands reservations Ac A few copies eoly for rale by jnne 29 if TAYLOR I LEXICON an Interpretation of the Language and Sentiment of lowers with an outline of Botany and a rapby or Chapters ou lowers by Charlotte Elizabeth The 'also The Language of lowers with Illustrative Poetry to whichis now first added the Calendar of lowers Ac? are for tale by inly 13! 7 A I I I 7 'd I ta? o' 1' 1 i ') I i 7 'i L1''' 's ''r 3i'r Ag One year Seven years orlife 21 100 112 204 30 131 136 236 36 136 153 27 40 169 183 320 1 19! 373 KI 196 I 209 460 6 232 321 678 60 435 491 700 GRANTS ANNUITIES i Ratee for One Hundred Dollart 60yaara of age 1066 percent 1 65 do 1227 do peranaum 70 do 1419 do I 5 SELLS ENDOWMENTS or One llundred Dollars deposited at birth of chiIdtheCem any will pay if he attain 21 ear ofa*ge 3469 Al six months 408 One year 1 7 375.

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