Paris hair salons, our best addresses (2024)

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Need to change your head? Having trouble with your regular hairdresser? Don't panic, we've picked out a few salons to satisfy your every need, and you won't be disappointed when you leave.

Aaah hairdressers. A tough love story. One time, you walk out happier than ever, and the next, you never want to go back. But that was before you discovered our selection of Parisian hair salons you can visit with your eyes shut.

There's no doubt about it: you'll be listened to. The best part? You'll leave with beautiful hair and a wealth of advice on how to take care of it on a daily basis, just as if you'd been to the hairdresser every day. Whether your hair is straight or curly, natural or bleached, cropped or as long as Rapunzel's, you're sure to find a salon in Paris that's right for you.

From the most unusual to the most chic salons, from those specialized in curly hair to those that favor natural products, we've tested for you addresses that will earn your trust by taking care of your hair to perfection!

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Paris hair salons, our best addresses:

L'Endroit Paris, a hair salon x gym for an original wellness experience
L'Endroit, the hybrid concept where the intimate hair salon meets the unusual gym in Paris's 10th arrondissem*nt. In a 160 m2 loft, Morgane Stephanazzi and Florian Delhorbe reinvent beauty and fitness. A unique place for Parisians looking for an original wellness experience! [Read more]

Jardin de Paix: the temple of haute coiffure and barbering in Paris
Looking for a hair salon (men's and women's) and barbershop that's out of the ordinary? Head for Jardin de Paix, a temple to haute coiffure in the heart of Paris, in the 15th arrondissem*nt. Founded by the talented Yohann Ze Eya'an, this salon takes the art of barbering to a whole new level. Ideally located near the Eiffel Tower, Jardin de Paix offers a unique high-end barbering experience for discerning men, combining prestige, personalized care and renowned partnerships. [Read more]

La Belle Boucle Studio, the hair salon and boutique for wavy to frizzy hair
After Lyon and Marseille, La Belle Boucle Studio is moving to Paris, to the delight of the capital's curlies. From October onwards, curly, frizzy and frizzy hair will benefit from a new boutique and specialized hairdressing salon. [Read more]

R Factory: our test of Gianni Coppa's new hair beauty temple in the 2nd arrondissem*nt of Paris
Nestled in the 2nd arrondissem*nt, near the Réaumur Sébastopol metro station, discover R Factory Paris, the new hairdressing sanctuary created by Gianni Coppa. Combining hair expertise and made-to-measure treatments, this place offers a unique beauty experience. From personalized consultations to exciting masterclasses, immerse yourself in the refined world of this new Parisian address! We've tried it, we'll tell you about it! [Read more]

Oceane K. Beauty Room, the hairdressing salon with in-depth hair diagnostics
Just a stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower, the Oceane K. Beauty Room excels in hair diagnostics. The owner, who is also a hair stylist, make-up artist and image coach, has more than one string to her bow. [Read more]

Michel Brosseau, the excellent hair salon specializing in dry cuts
A dry-cutting specialist since 2003, Michel Brosseau's salon, just a stone's throw from Parc Monceau, excels in customer care and the mastery of its hairdressers and colorists. [Read more]

Le 161 : the private and secret hair salon in Paris
Le 161 is a private hairdressing salon in an apartment whose address is whispered in the hollow of your ear. And for good reason, we would like to keep it for ourselves and only for ourselves. We'll explain why. [Read more]

At the Antoine B salon, you'll discover innovative hair care products, including Tokio Inkarami, which restores strength and shine to your hair. [Read more], the hair salon that enhances your curly, frizzy and frizzy hair
If you've got curls, whether curly, frizzy or kinky, no doubt you've been shunning hairdressers for years! But is here to finally take care of your hair the way it deserves, in the heart of the Halles district. [Read more]

L'Adresse Stéphane Macquaire, a hair salon that listens and cares
At L'Adresse, under Stéphane Macquaire's nimble fingers, time seems to stand still. The creative visagist and his team of hairdressers, colorists and visagists listen to customers' every wish and advise them with kindness, patience and attention. You'll leave feeling relaxed and fulfilled. [Read more]

Les Bains du Marais, a festive place dedicated to well-being
Les Bains du Marais is a concept well known to Parisians. Formerly in the rue des Blancs-Manteaux, today this iconic hammam is located on the side of the 2nd arrondissem*nt and imposes itself as a true temple of well-being between ancestral know-how from the four corners of the world. But it is also a place of festive life with its restaurant animated by DJ sets. [Read more]

Cutshop Concept Beauty, a hybrid spot dedicated to beauty in Paris
Both a hair salon and a beauty salon, Cutshop Concept Beauty offers Parisians and tourists to get pampered with no moderation. For a relaxing break made in Paris, keep reading! [Read more]

La Petite Maison Beatrice Leroi: an ecofriendly hair salon in Paris
At La Petite Maison Beatrice Leroi, we love beautiful locks as well as the planet. So, this hair salon has decided to embellish your hair while taking care of the environment. [Read more]

Bubble Factory: the most rock’n’ roll hairdresser
Bubble Factory is a very rock’n roll hair salon breaking the rules. Whether you’re a man or a woman, here, the pricing is the same and you can come to get a haircut in a young and relaxed atmosphere. [Read more]

Ludovic Geheniaux opens a colorist hair-salon in Paris
What about making the best of your trip in Paris to dye your hair at the Ludovic Geheniaux X Eugène Perma Professionnel first hair-salon? This hairdressing salon is specialized in hair dye so your craziest hair-color dreams are about to come true. [Read more]

So, are you ready for a new head of hair?

Paris hair salons, our best addresses (2024)
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