The 12 Best Barbershops in Paris (and Their Prices) (2024)

It’s been a long time since you’ve last entered a barbershop and you feel that now is the time to freshen up? Here I am to guide you through the best Parisian barbers that will take care of your hair and beard like never before.

First of all, let’s pinpoint them:

Alain Maître Barbier

8 rue saint Claude, 75003 Paris

More than just a barbershop, Alain Maître Barbier is an actual museum dedicated to barber craft.

Learn about the history of shaving and trimming beards in one of the first Parisian barbershops.

In this men-only salon, Alain will pamper your hair as well as your beard while teaching you how to take care of them.

Thanks to his precious advice and the 19th century atmosphere of his barbershop-museum, you will experience a very unique grooming session.

We love: The reconstitution of a 19th century salon down to the smallest detail.

Price: from €15 to €48


Barber Ink

64 boulevard Diderot, 75012 Paris

If you like doing things on the spur of the moment, this barbershop is made for you.

Both a tattoo salon and a barbershop, Barber Ink is the place that favors radical change.

After a little clean up, treat yourself to a tattoo and there you go, walking out of the shop as a new man.

We love: The hipsterish vibes and the possibility to get a tattoo.

Price: from €10 to €30

Facebook (account in French)

La Barbière de Paris

  • 7 rue Bertin Poirée, 75001 Paris
  • 37 boulevard des capucines, 75002 Paris
  • 19 rue de l’abbé Grégoir, 75006 Paris

Behind the brand La Barbière de Paris is Sarah Hamizi, the creator and current CEO of 7 high end salons to be found in the French capital.

Your chest hair, hand hair and forearm hair have always given you a complex? It’s at Sarah’s and nowhere else that you’ll get over it.

With 3 services dedicated to particular body parts on which an abundant pilosity can be a problem for some, La Barbière de Paris stands out by offering a customized service.

You’re just looking for a beard trim? They also do that.

The salon covers a large range of possibilities from which you’ll certainly get your satisfaction.

We love: The great deal of unique services.

Price: from €20 to €47 (beard trim) and from €70 to €100 (chest/forearm/hand trim)

Website (site in French)

Big Moustache

  • 73 rue Lafayette, 75009 Paris
  • 54 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75011 Paris

At Big Moustache’s the watchword is “versatility”.

The target has been met since the company now has 2 salons, in addition to skin care, hair care and beard care products.

Big Moustache also offers its services to companies using a traveling salon.

Maybe you’ll have the opportunity to come and visit them at one of their events?

We love: Their products made in France from natural ingredients.

Price: from €10 to €40

Website (site in French)

Le Bon Barbier

17 rue saint Paul, 75004 Paris

Khalid’s salon has become a reference when it comes to beard grooming.

With the help of the vapozone, a steam diffuser that opens the pores of the skin, the products penetrate more easily.

You’ll benefit from a know-how that no longer needs to be proven.

Khalid’s team will also take care of your hair and help you make your wildest desires come true.

We love: The vapozone treatments.

Price: from €30 to €70

Website (site in French)

Les Garçons Barbiers

  • 4 boulevard de Sébastopol, 75004 Paris
  • 13 rue saint Lazare, 75009 Paris
  • 9 rue Rampon, 75011 Paris

Authenticity and tradition are what keep this barbershop going.

Inspired by the United States of America of the 1950’s, the barbers in this salon master the craft of clear cut and layered cut.

Got a passion for James Dean and Elvis Presley? This salon is the best place to start rocking the famous Greaser hairstyle.

Leave your beard in the hands of these experts who handle a razor blade like no one else.

To go back to the past, don’t hesitate: choose Les Garçons Barbiers.

We love: Their old school flavor that reminds us of the 1950’s.

Price: from €12 to €24

Website (site in French)

Gentlemen 1919

11 rue Jean Mermoz, 75008 Paris

This salon will skimp on nothing to get you back.

It seems that at the Gentlemen 1919, the mantra “the customer is king” has become more than just a sentence.

Everything here will make you comfortable.

You’ll find a bar where you can drink your favorite whisky in the Shelby’s style. But that’s not all. There’s also a possibility to get your shoes polished thanks to the shoe shining corner.

If you like a good cigar, enjoy the presence of a smoking room with a great selection of cigars.

At some point, this is how you forget your appointment.

We love: The numerous services offered (barber, shoeshiner, cigar seller, bar).

Price: from €14 to €47

Website (site in French)

Grizzly Barber Shop

  • 17b rue de la Boétie, 75008 Paris
  • 1 rue d’Hauteville, 75010 Paris
  • 80 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75011 Paris

The Grizzly Barber Shop puts a lot of effort into welcoming its customers in the best possible way: cool design, sophisticated atmosphere… the hipsters among you will be fulfilled.

With their 3 salons, a Grizzly Barber shop is necessarily close to your home.

We love: Their personalized diagnosis and the professional ambiance of their shops.

Price: from €8 to €50

Website (site in French)

Marac’House Barbershop

5 rue Brémontier, 75017 Paris

One word to describe this barbershop: friendliness.

This salon has already welcomed some of the biggest French celebrities such as soccer players Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann.

Meet a team of passionate youngsters who will pamper your beard and make the most of it.

You’re on a budget? No problem, choose the package haircut+beard trim at €40 which will give you a healthy look.

We love: Affordable prices, an urban, young atmosphere.

Price: from €20 to €40

Website (site in French)

Prestige Barber

6 rue des prêcheurs, 75001 Paris

At Prestige Barber’s nobody is left aside.

Students, you’ll benefit from a reduced rate on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that you can come and look fresh for the modest sum of €25.

Brice’s team will be delighted to welcome you in their barbershop with vintage industrial tones.

We love: A New-York style that makes you travel to the US.

Price: from €10 to €24

Website (site in French)

La Shaperie

62 rue de l’arbre sec, 75001 Paris

The members of La Shaperie take care of your entire face, from your hair to your glasses down to your beard and up to your hat.

La Shaperie is a Face Concept Store where you receive all sorts of advice in terms of what looks best on you according to your features.

Assert your style in this special place and gain confidence.

We love: A salon that makes the most of our face.

Price: from €21 to €35

Website (site in French)

Shape Hair Paris

8-10 rue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris

For her, for him, for them… everybody is welcome in the Space Hair Paris barbershop.

This queer-friendly salon is serving inclusivity and we love it.

Looking for a fresh start? The barbers and hairstylists at Space Hair will help you to reach the diva stage.

Now is the time to be bold: dye your beard blue in this barbershop where no one will judge you.

We love: Their inclusivity and late closing time (open until 9pm).

Price: from €20 to €40

Website (site in French)

The 12 Best Barbershops in Paris (and Their Prices) (1)


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The 12 Best Barbershops in Paris (and Their Prices) (2024)
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